Separate Lives :o(

A song bird landed on a giant tree next to the window and it sang it’s morning melody, but not the same mundane song you know. That question was rhetorical. They both opened their door and smiled at the tune, they decided to hear it instead of listen to it, that made it much more beautiful. They waved and smiled again and slowly closed their doors.


How one wished the other would come over and visit, it seemed they shared like interest. She wished that she could hold him, he yearned the same thing, but it would never happen by passing conversing.


One day he opened his door as well as his heart and realized she felt the same. They took each others hand and endlessly danced. Their eyes meeting constantly as she smiled the happiest expression, you could read it on their faces, their love intoxicated the air and left very little space. He spun her around and their bodies were one, he went to kiss her romantically until the clock struck midnight.


His dream had come to a stop, his moon had gone away, the fairytale had ended, the carriage ride would have to wait. She cried a single tear because she had dreamt the same dream. How could the other know what the other one was feeling? A love that was so strong, it kept the heart and mind together, but reality and distance kept their bodies apart forever.





Published by: willytyme

My Name is WillyTyme. I love to write, whether it's rhyme or story. I spill it out and leave it all on paper. That's how ya gotta be. I like to talk and love to listen about anything from poetry to sports. Reading is a way of life. Writing is the way to life. Leaving a comment is the coming of a friend, conversation is key.


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