A Spitting Image

“But I don’t want to hate people, I don’t want to be like you.  Look at you!”

Like a fighter in a boxing ring, you can duck, slip and slide.  Like a coward you can run, but in the end you can not hide.

You can try to run from who you are, despite the changes you try to make.  You can put frosting on a pound of shit, but you can’t call it a cake.

Whether you gave your body away, or you lied, cheated and stole.  You say you turned over a new leaf, in time they’ll see the person of old.

Because pigs love to stay in the mud, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  Sooner or later pretending to be good gets old, the sinner in you will get homesick.

You’ll end up burning bridges and barns, and you’ll be to much of a coward to clean up the mess.  You’ll blame yourself to alleviate the guilt, but deep down you won’t really care less.

Because that’s the kind of person you are, and it’s really just simply plain sad.  Just call it the Devil inside of you, you were simply just born bad.

That’s why when you look in the mirror, your reflection probably shakes it’s head.  What’s the use of trying to change your heart, when your soul is as good as dead.


“I think you have no heart, and I had a mind once to give you mine.”



Published by: willytyme

My Name is WillyTyme. I love to write, whether it's rhyme or story. I spill it out and leave it all on paper. That's how ya gotta be. I like to talk and love to listen about anything from poetry to sports. Reading is a way of life. Writing is the way to life. Leaving a comment is the coming of a friend, conversation is key.

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